Why do you consider Ardha bekasana / half frog pose is the great asana for hip,feet, back pain reliever?

ardha bekasana half frog pose

Ardha Bhekasana:

Ardha means Half, Bheka means Frog and Asana means Pose. Ardha Bhekasana or half frog pose is a deep hip stretch that provides great relief to anyone with issues in the hips, feet or back.  Learn about preparatory, complementary and follow-up poses, and discover all health benefits…

Meaning of Ardha Bhekasana:

This is a Sanskrit Name for Yoga Poses, Postures and Asana
English Name for this Yoga Pose, Posture and Asana is Half Frog Pose.

Persons who can’t do Ardha Bhekasana/ Half Frog Pose:

High or low blood pressure
Low back, neck or shoulder injuries

Benefits of Ardha Bhekasana/ Half Frog Pose to the Body Parts:

  1. Strengthens arms and shoulders
  2. Provides relief in back pain(Spine)
  3. Stretches the entire front of the body, ankles, thighs and groins, abdomen, quadriceps and chest, and throat, and deep hip flexors (psoas)
  4. Strengthens the back muscles
  5. Improves posture
  6. Stimulates the organs of the abdomen
  7. This pose is beneficial for the back as it strengthens the muscles of the back. It helps to improve posture as well.
  8. It stretches the hips and the quadriceps.
  9. It is a very good pose for rejuvenating the knee joints as the psoas muscles and quadriceps are stretched in this pose.
  10. It improves digestion by stimulating the abdominal organs.
  11. This pose stretches the entire front and back of the body and strengthens the joints and muscles throughout the body.
  12. It stretches the throat, chest and abdomen, groin, thighs and ankles.

Modifications + Variations to Ardha Bhekasana/ Half Frog Pose:

Support the lift of the upper torso with a bolster under your lower ribs( to lift the upper body better), and press your free forearm on the floor in front of the bolster.

Vinyasa Poses to Ardha Bhekasana/ Half Frog Pose:

Below asanas to perform before this pose:
Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
Supta Virasana

Below asanas to perform after this pose:
Adho Mukha Svanasana
Garudasana (using hands only)

How to do Ardha Bhekasana/ Half Frog Pose:

• Lie Down on your stomach and place your elbows below the shoulders.
• Then, bend your right knee towards your back and try to grab the top of your foot by your right hand. During this, gently pulls your foot in towards the outside of your right hip area.
• Try to soften the top of your right thigh, turn your fingers towards the front if you can and turn your right side body in forwarding direction (look forward).
• Keep breathing normally and hold the pose for 30seconds to 2minutes before you discharge the pose. Then release your foot and gently lower down it to the floor, rest for a while and perform the same process with your other leg.

Therapeutic Applications :

It is of particular benefit for those who suffer from either fallen arches or flat feet as the pose can stretch and strengthen these problem areas.
The Half Frog pose is an energizing pose and helps to open the chest and heart. This in turn leads to an increase in blood flow and fuller breaths.
It also increases the flow of blood to the uterus and the ovaries.

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