What do you do when blood pressure is too high?

high blood pressure

High Blood Pressure occurs once in five adults. Its usually influenced by several factors. 

Factors affecting Blood pressure:

1. Lifestyle changes

Our blood pressure mainly influenced by lifestyle changes like the way of eating, over-eating, eating more of a salty food, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, the amount of exercises you do in a week — these kind of unhealthy lifestyle will definitely increase the blood pressure levels.

2. Age

Our blood pressure significantly changes depends on age also. Suppose if you are around age of 20 years, your blood pressure might be 120 /70. If you are around 50 years of age, then blood pressure might be 135/85. But if your blood pressure is constantly high like above 140 / 90 , then its lead to so many health issues.

3. Day of the Activity

Your blood pressure readings also changes on what type of activities you do during the day. The blood pressure readings could be lowest during sleep usually at around 3 or 4 am in the early morning time. So, your BP will be highest in the morning from just before you wake up until around 11 am. But if you are suffering from high blood pressure, then your BP will remain always high at all times, even during the time of sleeping.

Symptoms of high blood pressure:

if you are actually at high blood pressure levels, then you can watch out for below symptoms:


Severe headache

Difficulty in breathing

Chest Pain

Pounding in chest, neck,  or ears

Irregular heartbeat

Nose bleeds



Brain damage

Blood in the urine

Vision problems

Why high blood pressure is harmful?

If your blood pressure levels are constantly high for some time, then you are likely to suffer one or many of the below diseases:

Heart failure
Kidney failure
Heart attack
Eye sight failing
Heart Pain
Peripheral vascular disease

Curing High Blood Pressure with Lifestyle Changes:

Its important for adults to be screened for blood pressure levels atleast once in 2 years. Also make below lifestyle changes to prevent or cure high blood pressure:

Reduce your stress with transcendental mahamantra meditation and gaining spiritual knowledge. You can reflect on how Arjuna overcome stress through the knowledge of bhagavad gita. So, its very important to have knowledge on the spiritual topics. We have regular weekly session where you can not only learn the Gita Shloka but also how to apply those shloka step by step in your life. (Subscribe to our Gita Mastery Course)

Increase your potassium intake by eating more fruits and vegetables

Reduce your daily intake of salt to less than 1 tsp.

Avoid completely the poisons like tobacco, alcohol or tea or coffee.

Controlling your weight through sattvic food plan

Also regularly perform yoga, pranayama.

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