Program for Navel Displacement


In 1-3 settings, cure or solve your navel displacement issue even its very old. No medicines or pills or operations or exercises or yoga. Now book online consultation also to fix this issues. Each settings will have maximum 30 minimum of time.


Permanent cure for Navel Displacement:

Navel center is considered to be the center of all organs of a human body. Solar plexus where all the body organs meet through various ways and keep the body subtle and flexible. Origin of Manipura chakra in yogic aspects. It controls our energy to strengthen and consolidate our health.

Approximately 7 cm beneath the navel an egg shaped lump of flesh is there. From there 72,864 nerves(nadi) are spread all over the body. It is normally pulled by some tissues, which keep it in place. If for any reason there these tissues get pulled by some other force the navel gets displaced and starts causing many health issues.

Navel displacement or ‘ धरण’ as it is called in the local language in Himachal is a common belief when the navel [or umbilicus ] is though to be shifted from the center [shift in solar plexus], and when every examination/investigation is normal but the person still has abdominal symptoms [constipation/gastric troubles, indigestion] one can assume him/her to suffer from navel displacement since navel is directly connected with nervous/digestive system.

A particular problem which as yet is unrecognized by allopathy, homeopathy and other sciences of healing is the navel which ‘moves’. Just as a misalignment may occur within the spinal cord, so a misalignment of the navel and stomach muscles may also occur.

What are the Reasons for Navel Displacement:

Displacement of navel can happen to anyone at any time in life. There are various physical reasons that can displace your center of the body.

Running without warming up.
Lifting heavy weight with a jerk.
Putting pressure on one side of the body.
Staying empty stomach for a longer period of time.
Eating heavy food all of a sudden after fasting.
Eating very spicy food.
Person losing control while walking due to some obstruction or holes on the road
Some physical action which is done carelessly
Emotional disturbance
Jumping or landing on one leg or pressure falling on one leg
Sudden twisting or bending movement
Uncomfortable Sexual activity.


What are the symptoms for Navel Displacement:

In most cases the navel will take a move in either an upward or downward direction, sometimes a sideways movement is also noticeable- The displacement is directly connected with the navel, nerves, stomach muscles and movement of prana, and will affect each of these in some manner.

If the navel is displaced upward then the following disease occurs- Constipation, Heart trouble, difficulty breathing, pain in back and palpitations.
If the navel is displaced downwards then it causes loose motions, night fall, indigestion and pain in abdomen area.
If the navel is displaced is a side like left or right it causes continuous pain inside the stomach and while keeping back straight.

Unhealthy navel causes impotency The displacement is said to occur more in women and may produce unaccountable menstrual pain and excessive or scanty bleeding.

What is the method or test to be performed to check whether one has navel displacement?:

The misalignment may be detected by using string to measure the distance from the large toe of both feet to the navel centre. If there is a difference in the length of these two measurements it indicates a removal from the norm.

The original position can also be detected in some people by feeling for a pulse in the area. If the pulse and navel are together, the position is correct. Where pulse is to be found, in the case of a misaligned navel, it indicates the correct position. However, when measuring the position with string, care should be taken to ensure that the body is correctly aligned.



Here are some signs that may assure you have navel displacement.

You are not able to bend forward and cannot touch your feet or even knee.
Pain in stomach which is different from digestive issues.
Difficulty breathing.
Vomiting and nausea are the most common signs of navel displacement. Usually happen whenever you eat or drink something.
When you press around your navel you feel throbbing(something like a heart beat) above or below navel. Use as most accurate way to know your navel position.



Solution Approach – what is the cure for navel displacement:

Modern doctor or medicine doesn’t recognise diseases like navel displacement. Medicines don’t work because it is due to the displacement of a nerve from its usual place in the body. Sometimes the shifts are confused with hiatus hernias due to wrong diagnosis. May be you have some abdominal discomfort and tummy upset. There are some yogasanas suggested to cure the navel displacement like:

Janu Sirshasana,
Uthitha Padahastasana,

but practicing these asanas take more time in fixing navel displacement issue.

There are traditional methods to fix the navel displacement quickly which our old aged ancestors used to fix. consult us for that remedies which makes you cure in 1-3 settings. Each settings takes maximum 30 minutes. No medicines or pills or operations or exercises or yoga.  Due to covid, we are providing online consultation also for fixing this issue. so place does not matter now.

How to avoid navel displacement happening again after fixing it?

Maintain balance while walking; don’t put whole pressure on a single leg.
Never lift heavy weights on an empty stomach.
Do not lift any heavy object with a sudden jerk.
Avoid starvation, do not remain empty stomach for a longer duration.
Don’t lift heavy weight beyond your capacity.
Practice Yoga, pranayama and meditation.


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