Gita Mastery Course – 1 month

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Bhagavad Gita Mastery Course:

Master Gita, Master Life. Bhagavad Gita is the only known scripture in which God Himself is directly speaking & His friend’s questions to Him. Learn and apply Bhagavad Gita Principle Online in Daily Life. “Bhagavad Gita” means “song of God”.

Why one should learn Bhagavad Gita?

  1. Bhagvad Gita is the essence of all Vedic literature (Summary of 1Billion verses of Vedic Scriptures).
  2. 18 Chapters, 700 verses told by Supreme Lord Krishna to the great Archer Arjuna in the battle field of Kurukshetra about 5500 years ago.
  3. Most sold of books of all time and available in more than 175 languages.
  4. Compulsory subject in many of the foreign Colleges and Universities.
  5. Improves Sanskrit and increase memory power. (According to NASA the 6th and 7th generation Super Computer is being programmed in Sanskrit language due to its extraordinary features).
  6. This knowledge is the King of education, the most secrets of all secrets, purest and transcendental, everlasting and do not change with time, place and circumstances.
  7. It is the Science of Self Realization and clears Self-doubts. (Who am I? Where I came from? What is the purpose of my life? Why I am suffering? Where I will go?)etc..
  8. It provides information about The Supreme Controller, Living Entities, Time, Nature, Karma(Action and Reaction)etc.
  9. It is the manual of life. It is fully practical, relevant and scientific.
  10. Provides knowledges of this entire Universe. (Material as well as Spiritual).
  11. Helps to solve problems and make perfect decision in our everyday life.
  12. It helps in clearing self-doubts which most of us face time to time. If you ever faced those then Bhagavad Gita helps you in clearing all those doubts by telling you an exact answer.
  13. Even Arjuna was facing these doubts before starting Mahabharata war and thus Lord Krishna dictated all of the Gita to him. This helped him clear all his doubts and after that only he was convinced to fight.
  14. If you do not know what your aim is? Then you must read Gita, it won’t exactly tell you what your aim is, but it’ll definitely show you the path to which you can easily recognize your aim.
  15. It clears your mind from unnecessary thoughts and you are only left with one thing and that’s your aim.
  16. It shows that how you can live your life without getting an attachment for material things and the only attachment you should have is towards God.
  17. If you want to know more about yourself and what you should be doing in this life, Gita helps you with that as well. It tells you, how you should be living your life to make it more meaningful.
  18. Gita also tells that how our body is made of five elements and what’s the use of our body in this world. Most importantly, it tells about the purpose of having a body when the soul is indestructible.
  19. Bhagavad Gita shows you the path to get closer to god. If followed properly then you can fathom the knowledge being part and parcel of the God.
  20. It also explains that why our soul is indestructible and why it takes rebirth again and again with different bodies. And also tells that what should be our purpose during a particular birth.
  21. It shows us different ways to attain Moksha (Liberation). It is a state of mind in which we do our work and still do not think about anything in return or the benefits.
  22. Bhagavad Gita also tells that how everything in this universe is a part of God. Even the human beings are also a part of God, no matter how much we learn or succeed, the only thing that will matter is, what we did for the good of everyone.
  23. Gita helps in knowing what Dharma is. Those who do not know what Dharma means or how it can be followed, then Gita is what you should read. Gita shows every aspect and steps of Dharma. Even if you have any question about your own Dharma, then also Gita helps in solving that.
  24. It tells you a lot of information about different yoga like Karma yoga, Gyan yoga, Sankhya yoga ,Buddhi yoga, Astanga yoga, Bhakti yoga. Yoga plays important role in our lives and Gita shows exactly that, but due to modernization, we almost left yoga behind. So it also helps in learning different types of yoga.
  25. The knowledge about the soul is very less if we take a route through science. But Gita explains a lot about the soul and how it is indestructible.


What are the benefits of reading the Bhagavad Gita?

Bhagavad Gita enables us to understand:

  • Ourselves and people around us — who we really are and why are people the way they are,
  • This material realm — how does it work, its principles, why are we here, how it affects us, what keeps us here etc.
  • The goal of life,
  • How to live — how should we work, eat, perform pious activities, engage in sense gratification etc to be able to fulfill the potential of our lives,
  • How to be happy and healthy,
  • Who is God and what is God like, and how can we know Him,
  • What are the different ways to self-realization, what are their results and which is the best path.

Learn bhagavad Gita online course in just one month and understand the gita principles enunciated by Lord Sri Krishna and apply them in our daily life to transform our life to lead a blissful life.

There are 18 chapters which will be discussed in detail as shown below:

Bg 1: Observing the Armies on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra

As the opposing armies stand poised for battle, Arjuna, the mighty warrior, sees his intimate relatives, teachers and friends in both armies ready to fight and sacrifice their lives. Overcome by grief and pity, Arjuna fails in strength, his mind becomes bewildered, and he gives up his determination to fight.

Bg 2: Contents of the Gītā Summarized

Arjuna submits to Lord Krishna as His disciple, and Krishna begins His teachings to Arjuna by explaining the fundamental distinction between the temporary material body and the eternal spiritual soul. The Lord explains the process of transmigration, the nature of selfless service to the Supreme and the characteristics of a self-realized person.

Bg 3: Karma-yoga

Everyone must engage in some sort of activity in this material world. But actions can either bind one to this world or liberate one from it. By acting for the pleasure of the Supreme, without selfish motives, one can be liberated from the law of karma (action and reaction) and attain transcendental knowledge of the self and the Supreme.

Bg 4: Transcendental Knowledge

Transcendental knowledge-the spiritual knowledge of the soul, of God, and their relationship-is both purifying and liberating. Such knowledge is the fruit of selfless devotional action (karma-yoga). The Lord explains the remote history of the Gita, the purpose and significance of His periodic descents to the material world, and the necessity of approaching a guru, a realized teacher.

Bg 5: Karma-yoga-Action in Krishna Consciousness

Outwardly performing all actions but inwardly renouncing their fruits, the wise man, purified by the fire of transcendental knowledge, attains peace, detachment, forbearance, spiritual vision and bliss.

Bg 6: Dhyāna-yoga

Astanga-yoga, a mechanical meditative practice, controls the mind and the senses and focuses concentration on Paramatma (the Supersoul, the form of the Lord situated in the heart). This practice culminates in samadhi, full consciousness of the Supreme.

Bg 7: Knowledge of the Absolute

Lord Krishna is the Supreme Truth, the supreme cause and sustaining force of everything, both material and spiritual. Advanced souls surrender unto Him in devotion, whereas impious souls divert their minds to other objects of worship.

Bg 8: Attaining the Supreme

By remembering Lord Krishna in devotion throughout one’s life, and especially at the time of death, one can attain to His supreme abode, beyond the material world.

Bg 9: The Most Confidential Knowledge

Lord Krishna is the Supreme Godhead and the supreme object of worship. The soul is eternally related to Him through transcendental devotional service (bhakti). By reviving one’s pure devotion one returns to Krishna in the spiritual realm.

Bg 10: The Opulence of the Absolute

All wondrous phenomena showing power, beauty, grandeur or sublimity, either in the material world or in the spiritual, are but partial manifestations of Krishna’s divine energies and opulence. As the supreme cause of all causes and the support and essence of everything, Krishna is the supreme object of worship for all beings.

Bg 11: The Universal Form

Lord Krishna grants Arjuna divine vision and reveals His spectacular unlimited form as the cosmic universe. Thus He conclusively establishes His divinity. Krishna explains that His own all-beautiful humanlike form is the original form of Godhead. One can perceive this form only by pure devotional service.

Bg 12: Devotional Service

Bhakti-yoga, pure devotional service to Lord Krishna, is the highest and most expedient means for attaining pure love for Krishna, which is the highest end of spiritual existence. Those who follow this supreme path develop divine qualities.

Bg 13: Nature, the Enjoyer, and Consciousness

One who understands the difference between the body, the soul and the Supersoul beyond them both attains liberation from this material world.

Bg 14: The Three Modes Of Material Nature

All embodied souls are under the control of the three modes, or qualities, of material nature: goodness, passion, and ignorance. Lord Krishna explains what these modes are, how they act upon us, how one transcends them, and the symptoms of one who has attained the transcendental state.

Bg 15: The Yoga of the Supreme Person

The ultimate purpose of Vedic knowledge is to detach one self from the entanglement of the material world and to understand Lord Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. One who understands Krishna ‘s supreme identity surrenders unto Him and engages in His devotional service.

Bg 16: The Divine and Demoniac Natures

Those who possess demoniac qualities and who live whimsically, without following the regulations of scripture, attain lower births and further material bondage. But those who possess divine qualities and regulated lives, abiding by scriptural authority, gradually attain spiritual perfection.

Bg 17: The Divisions of Faith

There are three types of faith, corresponding to and evolving from the three modes of material nature. Acts performed by those whose faith is in passion and ignorance yield only impermanent, material results, whereas acts performed in goodness, in accord with scriptural injunctions, purify the heart and lead to pure faith in Lord Krishna and devotion to Him.

Bg 18: Conclusion—The Perfection of Renunciation

Krishna explains the meaning of renunciation and the effects of the modes of nature on human consciousness and activity. He explains Brahman realization, the glories of the Bhagavad-gita, and the ultimate conclusion of the Gita: the highest path of religion is absolute, unconditional loving surrender unto Lord Krishna, which frees one from all sins, brings one to complete enlightenment, and enables one to return to Krishna’s eternal spiritual abode.

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✅This Gita Mastery Course is an online workshop, so u all can access it at your convenient time and place.

✅Once course starts, every night sessions will be posted in the main workshop whatsapp group at 9pm Indian time. 🕘

But you don’t have to necessarily be online at that exact time, as it is online you can go through the sessions at your convenient time, place & pace.

✅It is a one month full fledged workshop which will have

🔰Personally recorded sessions

🔰Session summaries

🔰24*7 doubt addressal facility

🔰Life long access of the entire course on email to ensure no scope of data loss

🔰systematic issuance of CERTIFICATE of course completion on your email

everything to ensure that the concepts are clear to you.⭐


Venue – Zoom, Whatsapp & permanent access of full course on your email

Medium – Audios/videos, session summaries, presentations, practical assignments

Certification of completion will be awarded at the end of the sessions.

Each day u will be required to invest around one hour (at your convenient time) for this course.

On course completion, the entire workshop will also be sent on your 📧 email so u have LIFE LONG ACCESS to all teachings and there is no scope of data loss.


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