Program for Kids(Beginners) -Learning Sanskrit

3,000.00 / month

This Learning sanskrit program will enable your kids to read, write,recognize letters, words; reciting vedic shlokas (like Bhagavad Gita); Basic vocabulary for day today conversation;


Why do you want to join your kids to learn sanskrit?

Sanskrit is rich; rich in vocabulary, rich in literature, rich in thoughts and ideas, rich in meanings and values. Lets know the benefits of learning sanskrit for your kids.

Benefits of Learning Sanskrit:
1. Sanskrit is considered to be the most suitable language for AI/ML: This opens a great opportunity for research in the future. NASA scientist Rick Briggs discussed why Sanskrit is one of the best languages for use in computer in his paper Knowledge Representation in Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence.

2. Helps in developing concentration – The phonetic pronunciation of the alphabets helps in developing concentration.

3. Grows grey cells  – Usage of Sanskrit on daily basis provides good exercise to brain and helps in growth of grey cells.


This Sanskirt Learning program would enable your kids to
-> Read, write and recognize the vowels, consonants, 2 & 3 letter words
-> Basic vocabulary for day today conversation
-> Gradual reading and reciting vedic shlokas (like Bhagavad Gita)

This course is for weekly once (on Sunday).

We recommend batch size of 15 – 20 participants.
Based on number of registration we may divide the batch.
Based on your location, we would also let you know the other details (like timing of the session, session fee and so).

Timing:- Sunday 10:00 AM EST or 8:30 PM IST

Age Group: 8 to 16 years

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We also conducts various programs for kids like yogasana, pranayama, meditation. Reach out to us to know more on the programs for the kids.


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