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'natural holisting treatment'
Yoga For Weight Loss: Fol
Yoga For Weight Loss: Following the yogic principles and the yogasanas are the best and holistic method in achieving the desired weight loss. You can loose your weight upto 3kg in a week by following our holistic and ideal weight loss approach.
Acupressure Stone Slipper
Acupressure Stone Slipper Massager Chapple Blood Circulator: --- Perfect for Your Health –- The natural stone apply acupuncture pressure points connected to the blood vessels and tissues on feet, useful to relieve stress, enhance blood flow, and help regulate energy levels. --- Most Relaxing Treatment --- Enjoy mini shiatsu treatment by wearing Relax Reflexology Sandals(TM). Derived from Chinese Traditional Medicine, reflexology and acupressure are natural ways to releases blocked energy. --- Suitable for Woman’s and Men’s Foot Size --- It's available for men’s size 11 (Europe 45) with adjustable Velcro straps for altering the width and ensuring the comfort. Acupressure Slipper stone made of natural shells, arranged according to scientific foot acupuncture points, through the shell of the natural arc of the foot reflecting zone massage, stimulating foot acupuncture points, which relax the muscles, relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation, to reconcile the role of the heart, the balance of endocrine. Material: 1. To promote blood circulation and dissipate fatigue. 2. To eliminate internal toxin conglomerate and maintain health. 3. To enhance balance of endocrine and keep beauty. 4. To reinforce metabolism and keep youth. 5. To recover vestige organ and prevent illness. 6. To invigorate cellular vitality and regeneration, and resist early ageing. 7. To improve sleeping and release the tension of nerve. Usage 1. Wear walking 10-15 minutes a day, every day several times 2. We suggest to drink some water after using, it helps speeding up blood circulation and carrying toxins out of your body. 3. Shoes need cleaning, wipe the uppers with a clean, cotton cloth, and reused when the leather dry. Tags: relax, reflexology, sandals, slipper, reflexology sandals, natural stone reflexology sandals, natural stone therapy slipper, acupressure sandals, massage feet sandal Cost Rs.999/- Special Discounted Rate at our Store Rs.699/-
Are you suffering from st
Are you suffering from stress, anxiety attack and depression? Join our yoga classes and get cure your stress, anxiety and depression through the combination of yogasana, pranayama and meditation which are specifically designed for this purpose. Tags: stress relief meditation, yoga for stress relief, how to release stress, exercise to reduce stress, facts, stress and diarrhea, physiological stress, stages of stress, stress reaction, manage stress, stress management, coping dealing with stress, causes, symptomps, effectsof stress, anti stress yoga, remove stress, stress release yoga, stress free yoga, stress indicators, de stress yoga, dangers of stress, stress relieving pictures, images, video, dvd, therapy, for beginners, techniques, baba ramdev, isha, bks iyengar, asana, breathing stress control yoga, positions, postures, pdf, research, mental stress, work stress, calming yoga excercises, best yoga poses for stress relief, yoga adriene stress, yoga sequence, poses, benefits, yoga stretches, anxiety disorder, depression symptoms, bipolar disorder, anxiety attack, anxiety disorder, major depression, signs of depression, bipolar depression, clinical depression, panic attack, bipolar symptoms, stress management, postpartum depression, mental illness, post traumatic stress disorder, depression treatment, obsessive compulsive disorder, mental disorders, major depressive disorder, ocd, suicidal thoughts, help, postnatal depression, social anxiety disorder, signs, severe depression, therapy, dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, separation anxiety, mood disorders, causes, depression in women, men, kids, adults, children, anxiety medication, teen depression, overcome worry, types, phobias, natural remedies, social phobia, seasonal depression, panic attack help, treatment, herbs, mental depression, fighting extreme anxiety, self help, performance anxiety, natural anxiety relief, types of stress, control stress, battling, understanding high anxiety, mild depression, anti stress, mental health disorders, causes of bipolar disorder, deep acute depression, beating depression, supplements, best treatment, manic depressive disorder, chronic anxiety, anxiety problems, depression websites, sleep anxiety, support groups, diagnosis, depressed people, natural remedies, cognitive therapy, remedies, winter severe depression treatment, situational depression, separation anxiety disorder, stress management, at work, at home, office, solution, counselling chronic anxiety disorder, loneliness, related illness, occupational stress, stress relief exercises, stress level, stress balls, yoga tips by baba ramdev, high anxiety disorder, panic symptoms, psychotherapy for depression, stress on the body, stress coach, clinic, major, teen stress, while driving, menopause anxiety, in hindi, tamil, telugu, kannada, Malayalam, common signs and indicators of stress, baba ramdev for sleep, anxiety, best pranayama, yoga for fear and anxiety
Weight Loss Yoga Program:
Weight Loss Yoga Program: Does yoga really help in weight loss or fat burning? Yoga is a popular way to control your weight as well as fitness. Weight loss yoga program has been specifically designed to reducing the different parts of the body weight. Yoga is also used by many professional sportsmen as a way of prolonging their career by keeping them supple and injury free. Join our fat burning yoga course at just Rs.500/- for the monthly yoga classes and see how yoga also helps to control your weight. In this yoga course, we will be providing below features: Yoga for beginner’s workout for weight loss flexibility, stretches Belly fat burning total body workout, Yoga core workout Balancing yoga workout, Vinyasa yoga flow workout, Hard Core Advanced Stretch and Warm up, Fat Burning Workout Routine for complete beginners, Holistic healthy weight loss tips Call and book the yoga classes now!!! Tags: Weight loss pill, tablets, shakes, weight loss cost, weight loss recipes, weight loss diet, Weight loss Plan, weight loss drops, pills, tips, weight loss exercises, weight loss food list, weight loss program, surgery, weight loss challenge, weight loss products, weight loss program cost, fat burning food, exercises, cost, fruits, fat burning drinks, herbs, home remedy, home workout, gym workout, lifting weights, jump rope exercises, fat burn karne ke upay, tarike, garelu upay, fat burn food, tablets, tips, workout, medicine, fat burn and muscle gain, ayurvedic medicine, churan, detox water, fat burn formula, smoothie, a fat burner that works, side effects, best exercises for weight loss, fat burning, lose belly fat fast, women, men, excessive weight loss, dose, nutrition, protein power, shakes, salad, snacks, breakfast, stomach exercises, vegetables, days, weeks, months, secrets, soup diet, diet plan, health and fitness classes in Bangalore, 24/7, courses, center, holistic natural way, 2 days free fat burning yoga classes or free weight loss yoga classes