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Bridge Pose  / Sethu Band
Bridge Pose / Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana / Sethu Bandhasana -- Meaning, Steps, Procedures, Benefits, Contraindications, Modifications, Variations, Vinyasa Sequence: Sethu Bandhasana Meaning: Sethu means bridge; Bandha means binding or locking; Asana means Pose or Posture. This asana is called sethu bandha because in this pose, our body looks like a bridge. (Tags: setu bandhasana yoga video, ashtanga, viparita karani, art of living, setu bandhasana baba ramdev, setu bandhasana counterpose, setu bandha sarvangasana during pregnancy, eka pada setu bandhasana, in hindi, English, tamil, kannada, Malayalam, images, BKS iyengar, sri sri ravi Shankar setu bandhasana instructions, setu bandhasana ke fayde, limitations of setu bandhasana, setu bandhasana modifications, setu bandha sarvangasana meaning, setu bandhasana pregnancy, setu bandhasana spiritual benefits, setu bandhasana sequence, setu bandha sarvangasana supported, kundalini yoga, setu bandha sarvangasana steps and benefits, setu bandhasana uses, setu bandha sarvangasana with block, chair, bolsters, support, props, youtube, bridge pose benefits, bridge pose variations, bridge pose in hindi, bridge pose asana, bridge pose exercise, bridge pose steps, bridge pose yoga, bridge pose anatomy, bridge pose alignment, bridge pose advanced, bridge pose at the wall, bridge pose and pregnancy, bridge pose abs, bridge pose assist, bridge pose alignment cues, how to make a bridge pose, bridge pose benefits in hindi, bridge pose benefits and contraindications, bridge pose back pain, bridge pose beginners, bridge pose backbend, bridge pose bikram yoga, bridge pose challenge) Steps to do Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana): 1. At first, lie down on your back. 2. Fold your knees and keep your feet hip distance apart on the floor, 10-12 inches from your pelvis, with knees and ankles in a straight line. 3. Inhaling, slowly lift your lower back, middle back and upper back from the floor; gently roll in the shoulders; touch the chest to the chin without bringing the chin down. Hold the ankle or alternatively, support your back with your palms. Feel your bottom firm up in this pose. Both the thighs are parallel to each other and to the floor. 4. Keep breathing normally and slowly for 1 minute to 2 minutes. 5. Release the pose gently with the exhale. Benefits of the Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana a. Removes Osteoarthritis Problems(Monakalu moole savidiruvike) ; back/spine strength; removes the strain on the neck caused by the other various movements of Sarvangasana. A healthy and flexible spine indicates a healthy nervous system.(then man is said to be sound in mind and body) b. Builds core and lower body strength, lengthens and strengthens the spine, energizes the body, and stimulates the endocrine and nervous systems. c. Stretches the chest, neck, and spine d. Calms the brain and helps alleviate stress and mild depression e. Stimulates abdominal organs, lungs, and thyroid; thereby reduces thyroid problems f. Rejuvenates tired legs g. Improves digestion h. Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause and menstrual pain i. Relieves menstrual discomfort when done supported j. Reduces anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue, backache, headache, and insomnia Therapeutic Application of Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana): Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana is good for asthma, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and sinusitis. Contraindication of the Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana) Avoid using this pose if you have recent or chronic injury to the knees, neck, shoulders or back except under supervision of experienced teacher Modification of Bridge Pose / Setu Bandhasana: Use a yoga block under the hips to support your weight. Variations of Bridge Pose / Setu Bandhasana: Interlace the hands together behind your back, walk the shoulders in and press down with the arms and shoulders. Vinyasa of the Bridge Pose: Use one or more of the following postures to build a sequence leading up to this pose: Supine Bound Angle Pose Belly Twist Pose Half Shoulderstand Pose Bhujangasana Urdhva Mukha Svanasana Virasana Use one or more of the following postures to build a sequence ending after this pose: Wind Relieving pose Joyful Baby / Ananda Balasana Plow Pose Shoulderstand Pose Bhujangasana Salamba Sarvangasana Urdhva Mukha Svanasana Urdhva Dhanurasana Eka Pada Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
Adho Mukha Svanasana / Do
Adho Mukha Svanasana / Downward Facing Dog Pose Person who cant do this: "if you suffer from high blood pressure, Carpel tunnel syndrome, detached eye retina, weak eye capillaries, dislocated shoulder / shoulder injury or diarrhea. Recent or chronic injury to the back, hips, arms or shoulders, unmediated high blood pressure. For High BP/headache: use bolster or block to support head." Therapeutic Applications: "Helps bring relief to the menopausal symptoms. Brings relief to menstrual discomfort when performed with the head supported. Helps in the prevention of osteoporosis. Improves digestion. Helps with sinusitis. Therapeutic for flat feet Energies the body. Relaxes the brain and helps relieve mild depression and stress. Reduces fatigue" Preparatroy Pose: Table Pose, Cat Pose, Dog Pose, Tiger Pose Procedure for performing Adho Mukha Svanasana: Step 1 For getting into the pose, come into table-top position. This position can be achieved by balancing the body onto your knees and wrists such that the two knees and the two wrists form the leg of a table while the rest of the body is the top. Step 2 While keeping your toes firm into the ground, gently lift your knees upwards. Do so while exhaling. Step 3 Stretch your arms forward so that the upper body is tilted towards the front. Keep your palms inward, while maintaining the alignment with respective shoulder. Step 4 Move deeper into the yoga by lifting the knees as high as the hip can be. Your body should ideally form an inverted V shape. Maintain the curve on your back inwards. It should not protrude outwards at any point while performing the pose. Keep the head and neck aligned while your ears can gently graze either shoulder. Step 5 Push the tail bone as much as you are comfortable with. This is done to provide ultimate stretch to the body, especially the back and calves. Remain in the position for duration of 15-20 breaths. Step 6 Reach back into the table top position while gently exhaling and bending back the knees. Repeat the pose up to 8 times. Variations /Modifications: A) Use blocks under the hands or head. B) Place a folded towel under the wrists. C) Press both heels against a wall. Variations: Dolphin pose, One Leg Down Dog, Down Dog Twist. Beginners tip: If you have difficulty releasing and opening your shoulders in this pose, raise your hands off the floor on a pair of blocks or the seat of a metal folding chair." Followup Poses: Plank Pose, Upward Facing Dog Pose, Child Pose, High Lunge Pose. Benefits: "removes fatigue, rejuvenates the brain cells, Purifies Stomach, intestine, Runners develop speed & lightness in the legs. Removes stiffness in region of shoulder-blades & removes arthritis of the shoulder joints, Heel pain/stiffness, soften calcaneal(heel) spurs(ಹಿಮ್ಮಡಿ). Stengthens ankles, legs , Heart beat slowsdown, also good for High Blood Pressure;Improvements have been seen with insomnia, Indigestion, depression, menopause, osteoporosis, back pain, high blood pressure, asthma, sciatica as well as other conditions.Enhances hamstring flexibility and hip flexion Stretches Achilles’ tendons; Strengthens wrists, ankles, toes and back This pose leaves you energized and rejuvenates the body It lengthens the spine, strengthens the muscles of the chest increasing lung capacity.;It brings strength throughout the body especially the arms, shoulders, legs, feet.;It increases circulation to the brain Calms the mind and helps relive headache, insomnia and fatigue. deeply stretches the back, opens the chest, and builds upper body strength. This posture stimulates the brain and nervous system, improving memory, concentration, hearing and eyesight. Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression;Energizes the body;Stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches, and hands Strengthens the arms and legs; Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause; Relieves menstrual discomfort when done with head supported; Helps prevent osteoporosis; Improves digestion; Relieves headache, insomnia, back pain, and fatigue;Therapeutic for high blood pressure, asthma, flat feet, sciatica, sinusitis"