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Transcendental Maha Mantr
Transcendental Maha Mantra Meditation - Spiritual Benefits:  "Our entanglement in material affairs is begun from material sound." Each day we hear material sounds from radio and television, from friends and relatives, and based on what we hear, we act. But there is sound in the spiritual world also. If we approach that sound, then our spiritual life begins. When we control the mind by focusing it on the purely spiritual sound vibration of the maha mantra,  the mind becomes calm. As "music has charms to soothe a savage breast, " so the spiritual sound of this maha mantra soothes the restless mind. Just as a reservoir of water is transparent when unagitated, our mental perceptions become clear and pure when the mind is no longer agitated by the waves of material desires. The mind in its pure state, like a mirror cleansed of dust, will then reflect undistorted images of reality, allowing us to go beneath the surface and perceive the essential spiritual quality of all life's experiences. Attaining real self-awareness also gives us the ability to see the spiritual nature of all living beings. When our natural, spiritual feelings are awakened, we experience the ultimate unity of all life. This is what it means to become a liberated person; by spiritual realization we become free of all animosity and envy toward other living things. Join our best yoga classes near nagarabhavi, Ullal upanagara, Upkar Layout, Bangalore
Looking for best yoga cla
Looking for best yoga classes in Bangalore? Anyone can start attending yoga classes at any yoga center but very few yoga students will achieve the ultimate goal of yoga. Try our unique yoga classes at divyamaya yoga studio and our spiritual yoga practitioner helps all yoga students to learn the path of perfection in yoga and there by achieves the spiritual bliss.
Perfection of Yoga throug
Perfection of Yoga through activation of panchakoshas: There are many yoga practitioners; some are beginners, some are at intermediate level and some yogis at advanced level of practicing yogasanas but hardly knows what is the perfection of yoga. We are not this material body but something different, and his happiness is in eternal life. The perfection of yoga means attaining a blissful, eternal life full of knowledge. All yoga systems should be executed with that goal in mind. It is not that one attends yoga classes to reduce fat or to keep the body fit for sense gratification. This is not the goal of yoga, but people are taught this way because they want to be cheated. Actually, if you undergo any exercise program like gym, aerobics, dance classes, cardio classes, Martial Arts classes or karate classes, your body will be kept fit. There are many systems of bodily exercise—weight lifting and other sports—and they help keep the body fit, reduce fat, and help the digestive system. Therefore there is no need to practice yoga for these purposes. The real purpose for practicing yoga is to realize that I am not this body. I want eternal happiness, complete knowledge, and eternal life—that is the ultimate end of the true yoga system. Transcendental Yoga or Divyamaya Yoga helps everyone to achieve this by activating your panchakoshas.