Acupressure Pocket Excerciser Big I

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Acupressure Pocket exerciser hand gripper for stress and pain relief; Useful for Everyone :- * Headache the mental tension, sinuses, insomnia, depression. * Increases memory, improve digestion & cure stomach disorders. * Computer operators, House wife, Senior Citizen Players of Tennis, Golf and Badminton, Cricket etc. * Recommended by doctor and Physiotherapist for exercising good for blood circulation. * ACS Pocket Exerciser – Big available in all colors HAND MASSAGER: Hand held spring massager is used 4-5 times in a day, by pressing and pumping action with fingers for 2-3 minutes at a time. This stimulates all tips of fingers and area corresponding to heart, pancreas(for diabetes) and stomach. Hand massager helps in diabetes, all hear problems, HBP, LBP, cholesterol, migraine, hand and feet numbness etc problems, arthritis, headache, loss of memory, all joint muscular pain, paralysis, skin problem, obesity, skin, ear and eye problems. etc…



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