Iyengar Yoga Chair

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A Chair for Yoga; Iyengar Yoga Chair is great for yoga practitioners at every level. Buy Yoga Chair at wholesale rate. Made from heavy metal; Useful for practicing standing asana, forward and backward extension, bent leg shavasana;

yoga chair is a prop to help support your legs when they are stiff or weak and holding the back of the chair will allow you to extend your legs in standing poses. The chair will also help with balancing poses and help with any extensions of your arms in forward bends as well.

Help extend the body. Holding a yoga chair when folding forward provides the back extension required to make progress. Spreading your extended body on a folded chair can provide direction to properly extend your body forward. It is also used in side stretches to ensure you extend both sides of the body

How to use yoga chair in performing asanas, you can click on this link


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