Do you consider anjaneyasana or low plunge pose the best asana in treating sciatica problem?

anjaneyasana or low plunge pose

Anjaneyasana and Sciatica

Sciatica is one of the common health issues faced especially by women. Sciatica is affecting 10% to 40% of the population. Sciatica pain is typically felt like a constant burning sensation or a shooting pain starting in the lower back or buttock and radiating down the front or back of the thigh and leg and/or feet.  

One of first line of treatment for sciatica is performing asanas and that too particularly Anjaneysana.  We will see more on this anjaneyasana or low plunge Pose in this edition.

Meaning of Anjaneyasana:

This is a Sanskrit Name for Yoga Poses, Postures and Asana
English Name for this Yoga Pose, Posture and Asana is Low Lunge, Crescent Pose.


Persons who can’t do Anjaneyasana/ Low Lunge Pose:

Recent or chronic injury or inflammation to the legs, shoulders or neck or heart related problems.
Those with shoulder problem can practice it by keeping the hands on the thighs.


Benefits of Anjaneyasana/ Low Lunge Pose to the Body Parts:

Gives a good stretch to the hip and the muscles around the hips including the groins.
It strengthens the gluteus muscles.
It develops a good sense of balance.
It expands the chest and shoulders.
It tones the organs in the abdomen and improves digestion.
Anjaneyasana improves concentration and awareness.
It stretches the hamstrings and the quadriceps.


Modifications + Variations to Anjaneyasana/ Low Lunge Pose:

To improve balance practice this pose facing a wall. Press the big toe of the front foot against the wall and stretch your arms up, finger tips to the wall.

Vinyasa Poses to Anjaneyasana/ Low Lunge Pose:


Below asanas to perform before this pose:

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog)
Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide-Legged Forward Bend)
Supta Virasana (Reclining Hero Pose)
Utkatasana (Chair Pose)
Virasana (Hero Pose)


Below asanas to perform after this pose:

Virabhadrasana I and III (Warrior Poses I and III)


How to do Anjaneyasana/ Low Lunge Pose:

1. Start in Downward Facing Dog Pose. Exhale and take your right foot forwards. Bend lower to make the right knees align with the right foot.
2. The left lower leg including the left knee can be on the floor giving support. At this stage you will feel a good stretch in the left thighs and groins.
3. Inhale slowly and raise your torso up. At the same time, raise both your hands up above the head. The palms can touch each other in the raised position.
4. Tilt your head slightly backwards and look up.
5. Remain in this position for as long as you are comfortable. One can hold the breath in the final position or you can breathe slowly and normally.
6. To release the pose, exhale and bring down the hands to the floor and come back to Adho Mukha Svanasana or the downward facing dog pose.
7. Repeat the same procedure with the left leg forwards


Therapeutic Applications :


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