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Yoga for Thyroid Problems
Yoga for Thyroid Problems: According to the survey, more than a quarter of India population suffers from thyroid problems. Thyroid hormones regulate the body's energy, use of other hormones and vitamins, and the growth and maturation of body tissues. People will suffer either from hyperthyroidism (too much thyroid hormone production) or from hypothyroidism (too little thyroid hormone production). Cure/control your thyroid problems through our special yoga packages that has been specifically designed for thyroid problems.
Acupressure body twister
Acupressure body twister for weightloss: Are you suffering from obesity or overweight? Try Acupressure body twister for weightloss at just Rs.750/- You can take this twister anywhere and can be done anytime and this helps in fat burning. Buy online at Rs.750/-
Transcendental Maha Mantr
Transcendental Maha Mantra Meditation classes: Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, stress? Join our 2 days session of Transcendental Maha Mantra Meditation Course for the weekends and learn this meditation using the T-3M techniques in the right way from the authentic spiritual master and get rid of stress, depression and anxiety attacks permanently.
Cure insomnia, stress, an
Cure insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression through restorative yoga: Are you suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and sleeplessness? But don't know how to cure? Then Try our relaxation yogas like supta baddhakonasana, shavasana, pranayama and transcendental maha mantra meditation to cure them completely without having any side effects. Call and book your 2 days free yoga classes to experience the change in your life style.
Classes on Transcendental
Classes on Transcendental Knowledge or Divya-Jnana We offer a weekly online/offline interactive sessions on the Transcendental Knowledge or Divya-Jnana and the application of them in our day to day life. Some of the interesting topics which will be discussed during the class on Transcendental Knowledge or Divya-Jnana are listed below: What is the difference between human and animal life? What is the real goal of human being? Who am I? Why are we suffering in this material world? Does reincarnation exists? Does really God exists? Who is a bonafide guru? What is the characteristics of bonafide guru? What is the qualification of a good disciple? etc...