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'guru bead'
Hand carved neem wood bea
Hand carved neem wood beads, hand strung in Vrindavan on white cotton thread, each bead separated with a hand tied knot; ending with one guru bead and a white tassel. Each necklace contains 108 neem wood beads plus one neem guru bead. Use as is, or take apart and make your own designs. These beads are hand carved from local wood. Nourish your Soul by connecting with The Absolute Truth. In this kaliyuga, chanting the holy names of the Lord is the only way to deliver yourself from this world of miseries. Well formed beads from the neem wood for purity, sanctity and peace. With these beads, you will have a chanting bag free. MRP Rs.230/- Price at our Store Rs.150/- + Free shipping. Tags: chanting beads, chanting beads sgi, chanting beads hare krishna, chanting beads buddhist, chanting beads indian, chanting bead bag, chanting beads iskcon, chanting beads online, chanting beads app, hindu chanting beads, chanting bead, chanting on beads, chanting rudraksha beads, soka chanting beads, shloka chanting beads, sandalwood chanting beads, chanting with beads, chanting without beads, how to use chanting beads, how to hold chanting beads
Guru Purnima Festival Cel
Guru Purnima Festival Celebration 2017 in Bangalore: Namasthe All, Guru Purnima is observed on the full moon day in the month of Ashadha in honour of the sage Vyasa, by keeping a fast, worshippig him for His blessings and to gain wisdom. Formerly on this day, gurus who were the traditional teachers, were honoured by their pupils. We cordially invite everyone to take the opportunity of Guru Purnima Festival Day to offer respect to the spiritual master. The festival program begins with guru puja, pravachan, question & answer session followed by breakfast. When? : 9th July 2017, Sunday What time? : from 8AM to 10AM Where? : At Divyamaya Yoga Centre
Car Seat Acupressure:  RE
Car Seat Acupressure: RELAX WHILE DRIVING : Acupressure Car Seat made up of plastic beads based on Acupressure Systems. Special beads points helps in balancing Bio-energy of the body. INDICATIONS : For Sciatica. Backache, Lumbago, Piles & Urinary, Improves Sitting & Working Capacity. Size : 40" x 17" Cost Rs.599/- Our Price Rs.450/-
Join our monthly Yoga Cla
Join our monthly Yoga Classes in Bangalore at just Rs.500/- only and also free yoga classes for 2 days for the new yoga students. Tags: yoga mat, yoga images, yoga videos, yoga day, yoga asanas, yoga classes near me, yoga poses, yoga for back pain, yoga for weight loss, isha yoga classes, yoga app, yoga aasan, yoga alliance, yoga asanas pdf, yoga at home, yoga advantages, yoga and health, yoga after food, yoga accessories, yoga life, power yoga benefits, yoga bar, yoga books, yoga binge, yoga books in kannada free download, yoga basics, yoga baba ramdev, yoga book pdf, yoga blocks, yoga beginners, yoga classes in bangalore, yoga centre, yoga chartyoga challenge, yoga during periods, yoga exercises to reduce tummy, yoga exercises for thyroid, shilpa Shetty yoga exercise video, sri sri yoga events, yoga essay in hindi, yoga effects, e yoga guru, e yoga studio, yoga ebook, importance of yoga, art of yoga, yoga guru, yoga gita, yoga guide, yoga guru bharat thakur, yoga gif, yoga guru baba ramdev, yoga guide pdf, yoga hand mudras, yoga health benefits, yoga information, yoga instructor course, yoga in bangalore, yoga in pregnancy, yoga introduction, yoga in Malayalam, kannada, tamil, hindi, yoga courses in bangalore
Classes on Transcendental
Classes on Transcendental Knowledge or Divya-Jnana We offer a weekly online/offline interactive sessions on the Transcendental Knowledge or Divya-Jnana and the application of them in our day to day life. Some of the interesting topics which will be discussed during the class on Transcendental Knowledge or Divya-Jnana are listed below: What is the difference between human and animal life? What is the real goal of human being? Who am I? Why are we suffering in this material world? Does reincarnation exists? Does really God exists? Who is a bonafide guru? What is the characteristics of bonafide guru? What is the qualification of a good disciple? etc...