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Hand carved neem wood bea
Hand carved neem wood beads, hand strung in Vrindavan on white cotton thread, each bead separated with a hand tied knot; ending with one guru bead and a white tassel. Each necklace contains 108 neem wood beads plus one neem guru bead. Use as is, or take apart and make your own designs. These beads are hand carved from local wood. Nourish your Soul by connecting with The Absolute Truth. In this kaliyuga, chanting the holy names of the Lord is the only way to deliver yourself from this world of miseries. Well formed beads from the neem wood for purity, sanctity and peace. With these beads, you will have a chanting bag free. MRP Rs.230/- Price at our Store Rs.150/- + Free shipping. Tags: chanting beads, chanting beads sgi, chanting beads hare krishna, chanting beads buddhist, chanting beads indian, chanting bead bag, chanting beads iskcon, chanting beads online, chanting beads app, hindu chanting beads, chanting bead, chanting on beads, chanting rudraksha beads, soka chanting beads, shloka chanting beads, sandalwood chanting beads, chanting with beads, chanting without beads, how to use chanting beads, how to hold chanting beads
Car Seat Acupressure:  RE
Car Seat Acupressure: RELAX WHILE DRIVING : Acupressure Car Seat made up of plastic beads based on Acupressure Systems. Special beads points helps in balancing Bio-energy of the body. INDICATIONS : For Sciatica. Backache, Lumbago, Piles & Urinary, Improves Sitting & Working Capacity. Size : 40" x 17" Cost Rs.599/- Our Price Rs.450/-
Hare Krishna..๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™  Jag
Hare Krishna..๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ Jagannath Stores presents an exciting and fun craft summer camp for all creative and multi talented young minds. Details of the craft camp are given below : 1. Batch Date - from 19 april to 30 april (sunday is holiday) 2. Batch Timings - 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm 3. Venue - Iskcon New Rajapur Jagannath Dham 4. Age Group - All ages 5. Fee - 500 Rs 6. All materials will be provided 7. Children have to bring their own pencil , eraser , sharpener , scale , scissors and glue. 8. Registrations closes today (18 april) by 9 pm. 9. Website - 10. Email address - Let your child enter the world of creativity by enrolling him/her in our amazing craft camp. For further details please contact this number - 8553030966 Please forwad this message to most of the people so that everyone can benefit from our craft camp. Hari Bol...๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Early Morning Meditation
Early Morning Meditation Classes in Bangalore: Join our early morning meditation Classes near Nagarbhavi, Bharath Nagar II Stage, Byadarahalli, Magadi Road, Bangalore. Tags:various meditation methods, various types of meditation, BUDDHIST MEDITATION, Zen Meditation , Vipassana Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Metta Meditation ( Loving-Kindness Meditation ), HINDU MEDITATION (Vedic & Yogic), Mantra Meditation, om, so-ham, om namah shivaya, om mani padme , hum , rama, yam, ham, Transcendental Meditation (TM), hare krishna mantra meditation, Yoga Meditations, Third Eye Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Gazing Meditation (Trataka), Kundalini Meditation, Kriya Yoga, Sound Meditation (Nada Yoga), Self-Enquiry and โ€œI Amโ€ Meditation, CHINESE MEDITATION, Taoist Meditations, Emptiness meditation , Breathing meditation (Zhuanqi) , Neiguan meditation (โ€œinner observation; inner visionโ€) , Qigong Meditation (Chi kung), CHRISTIAN MEDITATION, contemplative prayer;contemplative reading; sitting with God;GUIDED MEDITATIONS, Traditional Meditations, Guided Imagery, Relaxation & Body Scans, Binaural Beats, mindfullness meditation, various meditation techniques, various meditation postures, various meditation exercises, meditation various artists, various artists meditation mix, various stages of meditation, various benefits of meditation, various experiences in meditation, various kinds of meditation, various stages in meditation.
Best Yoga and Meditation
Best Yoga and Meditation Classes in Bangalore Tags: maha mantra meditation, acupressure classes in bangalore, different types of pranayama, iyengar yoga in bangalore, jal neti pot buy, triple mantra meditation, best yoga teacher in bangalore, maha mantra benefits, yoga centers in bangalore, how to do pranayama yoga exercise, everyone wants to be happy, wooden yoga blocks, best online meditation course, surya namaskar steps for beginners, how to use acupressure foot mat, transcendental mantras, 300 inr, mantra meditation words, patanjali, downward dog exercise, wooden foot roller, hare krishna maha mantra benefits, yoga musical instruments, wood yoga block, meditation spiritual benefits, learn mantra meditation, best pranayama, jnana yoga poses, patanjali yoga center, reflexology bangalore, slim arms yoga, transcendental meditation ocd, anuloma ujjayi, kundalini yoga classes in bangalore, baba ramdev yoga classes in bangalore, yoga for blood purification, baba ramdev yoga for flat stomach, hatha yoga sequences, patanjali yoga bangalore, yoga for breathing problems, crescent pose sanskrit, jnana yoga definition, pranayama techniques for beginners, jala neti pot, patanjali yoga classes in bangalore, acupressure magnetic foot mat, twister weight loss, types of pranayama, good yoga classes in bangalore, hand massager india, most popular types of yoga, yoga poses for early morning, relax while driving, best yoga studio names, acupressure for piles, patanjali classes, power yoga for flat stomach, baba ramdev yoga for pregnancy, jal neti pot buy online, tai chi classes in bangalore, gym vs yoga, best nag champa, neti pot india, ramdev baba yoga for weight loss, jamun tree store, kriya yoga in bangalore, shitali pranayama, postoperative low blood pressure, iyengar yoga asanas beginners, how to do pranayama yoga, a chair for yoga, yoga for leg cramps, neti pot buy online, head massager buy online, neti pot in india, isha yoga music, naval displacement, acupuncture foot mat, pressure points for blood circulation, jal neti, neti pot, neti