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Metro Turf Yoga Mat for Exercise, Yoga and Meditation, 6mm, Multicolor
Metro Turf Yoga Mat for Exercise, Yoga and Meditation, 6mm, Multicolor INR 800 INR 500

Metro Turf Yoga Mat for Exercise, Yoga and Meditation, 6mm, Multicolor

Metro Turf Yoga Mat for Exercise, Yoga and Meditation, 6mm, Multicolor ·         6mm thickness is perfect, not thin to hurt your knees or not thick to throw you off-balance while doing yoga postures. ·         The unique design of Rubber material provide ultimate traction on your hands and the floor, keep yourself from slipping during downward dog exercise, ideal for yoga, pilates, stretching and toning workout. ·         Yoga mat has no harmful chemicals often found on PVC, NBR, EVA and Eco-PVC(still a PVC yoga mats), 100% recyclable. ·         Mertro Turf Yoga mat colours available are: Purple, Pink, Red, Orange   Cash on Delivery eligible. Free Delivery is available only in any part of the Bangalore areas.

INR 500 INR 800


Pay mode:COD only

Wooden Yoga Block / Yoga Bricks
Wooden Yoga Block / Yoga Bricks INR 500 INR 300

Wooden Yoga Block / Yoga Bricks

Natural Wood Colour: Light Brown Package contents: 1 Yoga Bricks Provides Support & Height for Yoga Postures Light weight brick for firm and stable support in all postures. Improves body balance, Flexibility, control and suppleness Free shipping allowed only in Bangalore areas. Cash On Delivery is also available.

INR 300 INR 500


Pay mode:COD only

Acupressure Natural Stone Foot Sandals
Acupressure Natural Stone Foot Sandals INR 999 INR 699

Acupressure Natural Stone Foot Sandals

About the Acupressure Stone Slipper Massager Chapple Blood Circulator: --- Perfect for Your Health –- The natural stone apply acupuncture pressure points connected to the blood vessels and tissues on feet, useful to relieve stress, enhance blood flow, and help regulate energy levels. --- Most Relaxing Treatment --- Enjoy mini shiatsu treatment by wearing Relax Reflexology Sandals(TM). Derived from Chinese Traditional Medicine, reflexology and acupressure are natural ways to releases blocked energy. --- Suitable for Woman’s and Men’s Foot Size --- It's available for men’s size 11 (Europe 45) with adjustable Velcro straps for altering the width and ensuring the comfort. Acupressure Slipper stone made of natural shells, arranged according to scientific foot acupuncture points, through the shell of the natural arc of the foot reflecting zone massage, stimulating foot acupuncture points, which relax the muscles, relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation, to reconcile the role of the heart, the balance of endocrine. Material: 1. To promote blood circulation and dissipate fatigue. 2. To eliminate internal toxin conglomerate and maintain health. 3. To enhance balance of endocrine and keep beauty. 4. To reinforce metabolism and keep youth. 5. To recover vestige organ and prevent illness. 6. To invigorate cellular vitality and regeneration, and resist early ageing. 7. To improve sleeping and release the tension of nerve. Usage 1. Wear walking 10-15 minutes a day, every day several times 2. We suggest to drink some water after using, it helps speeding up blood circulation and carrying toxins out of your body. 3. Shoes need cleaning, wipe the uppers with a clean, cotton cloth, and reused when the leather dry. Tags: relax, reflexology, sandals, slipper, reflexology sandals, natural stone reflexology sandals, natural stone therapy slipper, acupressure sandals, massage feet sandal

INR 699 INR 999


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Acupressure Magnetic Water Stand
Acupressure Magnetic Water Stand INR 349 INR 250

Acupressure Magnetic Water Stand

DESCRIPTIONS : WATER VITALIZER: It give you charged water. INDICATION: good for Digestion, Constipation, Acidity & Gas trouble Method of Making Magnetic Water Put the pot containing drinking water on the stand round the clock. The water gets magnetized within 6 hours.When the quantity of water put in the pot reduces due to use, additional water can be put in it which also gets magnetized in the process. Water put in any pot gets magnetized. Use non-magnetic pot only Earthen, Copper or silver pot is ideal. Use Blue side on the top. Boiled and Micro Filtered water is adviceable for better health. Dose : 4 glasses per day. NEED OF MAGNETIC CHARGING Our water comes from natural sources.10 20 kms. Through iron pipes and tanks. Due to this natural magnetic charging is disturbed.Use this re-energiser and feel the difference in Vitality, Digestion, Constipation, Acidity, Gas etc. Material: Plastic Color: Multicolor Size: 18 Cm X 18 Cm X 6 Cm Gender: Unisex

INR 250 INR 349


Pay mode:COD only


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