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Kundalini Yoga When did kundalini yoga begin? When kundalini awakens? When kundalini reaches head / sahasrara chakra? (Tags:kundalini meaning, kundalini yoga, kundalini awakening mantras bangalore, kundalini meditation, kundalini chakra, kundalini energy, kundalini yoga poses, kundalini syndrome, kundalini yoga video, kundalini jagran, kundalini mudra, kundalini awakening symptoms benefits pdf, kundalini awakening process, kundalini an untold story pdf, a kundalini energia, a kundalini da terra, a kundalini jóga, a kundalini veszélyei, become a kundalini yoga instructor, find a kundalini yoga teacher, kundalini book, kundalini bija mantra, kundalini breathing, kundalini chakra mantra meditation sadhana images names kundalini in hindi tamil kannada English Malayalam telugu, in vedas, in islam in quron, kundalini chakras pdf, kundalini dhyan dhyana, kundalini dangers, kundalini dance diet, kundalini dhyan by osho, swami baba ramdev sri sri ravishankar, sivananda yoga, iyengar yoga kundalini effects, kundalini exercises explained, kundalini e reiki, kundalini food facts, kundalini guided meditation, kundalini healing guru, kundalini gone wrong, kundalini headache neckpain backpain, kundalini jagran mantra, kundalini jagran in hindi, kundalini jagran kaise kare, kundalini jagran vidhi in hindi, kundalini jagran in hindi pdf, kundalini jagran mantra in hindi, kundalini jagruti, kundalini jagran pdf, kundalini jagrit kaise kare, kundalini kriya, kundalini kriya yoga, kundalini kya hai, kundalini kaise jagrit hoti hai, kundalini music, kundalini meditation osho, kundalini power, kundalini pranayama, kundalini pain, kundalini photos, kundalini pranayam, kundalini pictures, kundalini quotes ) Only when one has reached the state of Samadhi, the last stage of patanjali yoga or ashtanga yoga, can one begin to raise the kundalini. The yogi pushes the life airs (prana) from the mula-chakra, the lowest chakra, gradually up through the other chakras of the body until it reaches the heart chakra. From its seat there, the soul rises to the highest chakra, at the top of the head. Pushing the prana up through the different chakras constitutes a kundalini rising. As the kundalini is rising, the pressure inside the body becomes so great that the yogi must use the mastered asana and pranayama techniques to block all the holes in body lest the soul should escape through any one of them. The Vedic literature calls the body "the city of nine gates" (anus, genitals, mouth, two nostrils, two ear holes, and two eyes). The living entities are merged into the air of life, which acts in different ways for circulation. There is praṇa, apana, udana, vyana and samana, and because the life air functions in this fivefold way, it is compared to the five-hooded serpent. The soul passes through the kuṇḍalini-cakra like a serpent crawling on the ground. The life air is compared to uraga, the serpent. Pañca-vṛtti is the desire to satisfy the senses, attracted by five sense objects—namely form, taste, sound, smell and touch. The aim of this particular system of yoga asana, known as the sitting posture for liberation, or muktasana, is to attain success in kuṇḍalini-cakra and gradually raise the life from the muladhara-cakra to the svadhiṣṭhana-cakra, then to the maṇipura-cakra, the anahata-cakra, the viśuddha-cakra, and finally to the ajña-cakra. When the yogi reaches the ajña-cakra, between the two eyebrows, he is able to penetrate the brahma-randhra, or the hole in his skull, and go to any planet he desires, up to the spiritual kingdom. The conclusion is that one has to come to the brahma-bhuta stage for without being on the brahma-bhuta stage, one cannot be promoted to the spiritual sky. Practice daily kundalini yoga under the direction of an authorized teacher at Divyamaya Yoga to revitalize your body, mind and spirit.
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