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Our personal training is a highly customized, result-oriented and exclusive offering. Our Yoga Teachers analyze your fitness and stress levels, and design a specific program especially for you. Progress is monitored and results checked every month. Classes are 1 hour each either at your residence or our studio. Benefits of personal Training- • Personal Training is ideal for people of any age, fitness level or prior experience in yoga. • People who have specific fitness goals like Running a Marathon or Losing Weight before an occasion, will benefit from Personal Training. • Therapeutic issues are best resolved through Personal sessions like back pain, sciatica, asthma, frozen shoulders, diabetes, high B.P or Low B.P and so on. • Pre and Post-Natal Yoga is also ideally done as Personal sessions. Contact us at 097387 69587 / 08880191760 or email us at

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#68, 3rd Main Road, Bharath Nagar, Near Nagarbhavi, Karnataka, Post Office Code 560091
+91 8033646890  or   or    (Trouble calling us?)
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